“Treasures of Armenia” 8 days / 7 nights

We are used to call Armenia an open-air museum. Indeed, you can hardly find any other country with so many historical and natural monuments on a small territory. It is absolutely impossible to see the whole beauty of Armenia in a few days. Travel Armenia company organized a great tour "Treasures of Armenia" that includes the visit of all the most important historical sights during excursion days.

Route: Yerevan - Sightseeing tour in Yerevan - Tsitsernakaberd - Yerevan Brandy Factory - Echmiadzin - Zvartnots - St. Hripsime Church - Garni - Geghard - Tatev Monastery - “Wings of Tatev” ropeway - Karahunj - Lake Sevan - Sevanavank - Dilijan - Haghartsin - Yerevan


Meeting at the airport. 

Transfer airport - hotel. 

Sightseeing tour in Yerevan, Yerevan Brandy Factory

Breakfast in the hotel.

The first day of our tour will be held in the capital. Yerevan is the pride of Armenia, the biggest city of the country. This year Yerevan celebrates its 2800th anniversary. It's amazing that such a modern city has a history that began in 782 BC.

The tour will take place along the central streets of the city, Mashtots Avenue, Theatre square, the French Square, the City Hall, the Presidential Residence, the Parliament.

One of the main attractions of Yerevan is the Cascade. This is a complex of artistically designed stairs, sculptures, fountains and flower gardens. The Cascade connects the lower and upper parts of the city. In front of the Cascade there is a monument to Tamanyan, the great architect of modern Yerevan. Thanks to Tamanyan we have such a beautiful and harmonious city.

The Cascade is not only well-groomed staircases, benches and flower gardens, but also unique sculptures. Pieces of contemporary art are part of the Cafesjian Center of the Arts. The museum presents a collection of over 5000 exhibits, including works by Fernando Botero (Smoking Woman, Roman Warrior), Jaume Plensa (Shadows, Sitting in Tattoo), Lynn Russell Chadwick (Steps, Seated), Jing Yong-Ho (Metal Lion) and others.

We are leaving the Cascade and head to the Opera and Ballet Theater and Swan Lake. In winter, Swan Lake is turned into a fairy-tale ice rink. In the summer months it is a favorite place of residents and guests for night walks.

The tour about Yerevan ends with a visit to the Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex in the memory of the innocent victims of the Genocide in 1915.

Second day of the tour includes a visit to the Yerevan Brandy Factory and degustation of Ararat cognac. You will feel the taste of legendary Armenian cognac and find out the secret that makes Armenian brandy so unique.

Night in Yerevan.

Zvartnots - Echmiadzin - Museum of "Treasures of Etchmiadzin"

Breakfast in the hotel.

The next day you will visit the Cathedral of Etchmiadzin, the religious center of Armenia. The tour begins with a visit to the Zvartnots temple. Once majestic temple of the Celestial Angels or the Bending Forces is now in ruins.

The ruins of an ancient historical monument were discovered only in the XX century. According to legend, the temple was built on the road, where King Trdat III came out to greet Gregory the Illuminator.

After studying the temple of Zvartnots and the museum with unique exhibits, we are heading to the Etchmiadzin Cathedral, the spiritual center of Armenia and all Armenians. According to the legend, Christ appeared to Gregory the Illuminator and with the fiery hammer pointed the place of the Holy Cathedral. On that very place the first temple in Armenia was built. The name Etchmiadzin in translation means "the place of the descent of the only begotten".

On the territory of the cathedral there is a museum, a unique storage of priceless treasures. The museum stores the most valuable relics not only for Armenians, but for the entire Christian world.

Return to Yerevan.

Night in Yerevan.

Garni - Geghard

Breakfast in the hotel.

The fourth day begins with a visit to the temple Garni, pagan temple to the god of sun. It is the only architectural monument of pagan Armenia. The temple was built in 76 BC by the Romans in honor of Mithra. The classical Greek style of the temple with the columns is located on the edge of the gorge. The temple was the favorite place of kings. During the holidays, the priests held rituals and made sacrifices. Now there is always silent in the temple and not a single ritual is held to worship gods. The only festive day that gathers people in the temple is the festival of Vardavar in summer. The pagan festival was so loved that after the adoption of Christianity it got a different meaning. On the day of the Transfiguration of the Lord, people pour water on each other.

From the temple you can admire the gorge and the Symphony of Stones. The monument looks like a musical instrument and this is why it has got such a unique name. Natural phenomena is frozen lava in the gorge. During the tour of Garni you will see ancient baths with painted mosaics, the ruins of an ancient fortress and try freshly baked Garni bread.

Next stop is the monastery of Geghard. The road from the temple leads up the gorge to the monastery complex Geghard. The monastery is located at the cliff and looks so impressive with a unique nature as a background. The monastic complex consists of the Katoghike church, part of which is cut down in a rock, a cave church, cave staircases, khachkars and an underwater river. Water, according to legend, has a healing power.

Return to Yerevan.

Night in Yerevan.

Free day

Breakfast in the hotel.

On request we can organize the following excursion tours for a surcharge

• Khor Virap - Noravank - Areni - 45$ (price per person)

• House - museum of Sergei Parajanov - photoshoot in national clothes - 30$ (price per person)

Night in Yerevan.

Lake Sevan - Sevanavank - Dilijan - Haghartsin

Breakfast in the hotel.

Here comes the day to visit the pearl of Armenia, Lake Sevan. It is considered the largest freshwater lake in the CIS. People call it the Geghama Sea, and it really looks like a sea. Looking far at the horizon you see only the Geghama Mountains and the deep blue color of the huge lake. Sevan is a part of the national park and reserve "Sevan". There are also medieval historical monuments on the territory.

One of the most important sights of Sevan is the monastery of Sevanavank. The monastic complex is located on the peninsula. At one time the monastery was one of the main religious centers, but gradually the monastery became empty.

We are leaving Sevan and head to Dilijan, the most popular resort town in Armenia. Dilijan is called "small Switzerland" of Armenia. The mild climate of Dilijan and coniferous forests are ideal to improve health. Dilijan is a place for a quiet family vacation. The resort town is also famous for its mineral springs. Tour about Dilijan includes historical and natural monuments such as the monastery Haghartsin (X-XIII) and Lake Parz. Monastery complex is surrounded by a dense forest and it looks so harmonious. The divine silence of the monastery simply takes breath away.

Return to Yerevan.

Night in Yerevan.

Tatev Monastery - “Wings of Tatev” ropeway - Karahunj

Breakfast in the hotel.

The territory of Armenia was inhabited since the Stone Age, and this fact has been proved for millions of times. One of the evidence of the oldest culture existing on the territory of Armenia is the historical monument of Karahunj. On the way to the monastery of Tatev, In Syunik region we will visit Karahunj or Zorats Karer. Hundreds of stones with holes are placed on a huge plateau. According to one of the theories, Karahunj was an ancient observatory. The historical monument is often compared with the popular Stonehenge, but it was proved that the Karahunj is much older than the stone monument in England.

From Zorats Karer we will head to the monastery of Tatev, one of the most beautiful places in Armenia. The monastery is located on the edge of the gorge Vorotan. Gorge in depth of 100 meters and in length 5650 m2 looks so impressive and scary, and at the same time it captures with its beauty. The ropeway “Wings of Tatev” connects the monastery of Tatev with the opposite bank. By the way, the cable car "Wings of Tatev" is considered the longest one in the world.

Return to Yerevan.

Night in Yerevan.

Day of departure

Transfer to airport. 

Have a nice flight!

In case of accommodation at Date Double Single
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3 star hotel May 10 - 20 87000 AMD 117000 AMD Book Now
3 star hotel May 10 - 20 87000 AMD 117000 AMD Book Now

The tour will be organized on the request of at least one person with no changes in price.

The tour price includes:

  • Hotel
  • Guide services
  • Breakfast
  • Entrance tickets to museums and historical monuments
  • Transfer Airport - Hotel - Airport
  • Transportation with amenities during the whole tour
  • Excursion to the Yerevan Brandy Factory and degustation of cognac 

The tour price does not include:

  • Alcohol
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Insurance 

Starting point of the tour:  Armenia, Yerevan

Meeting place:  The guide will meet the group in the hotel lobby

Meeting time:  Daily at 08.45 (the meeting time may be changed according to the preliminary instructions of the guide)

Transport: Car / minibus / bus

  • Professional guides will accompany you during the whole trip and tell the story of every sight and every historical monument.
  • Due to weather conditions and other reasons, the days and route sequence can be changed, at the same time all the destinations listed in the tour program will remain unchanged.
  • During the group tours, the guide strictly follows the pre-planned program and route.
  • We can also offer you individual tours for other dates on request, taking into account your preferences.
  • The dates of tours may be changed depending on the schedule of tourists’ arrival. If the tour dates are changed, the program and the object included in the tour will remain unchanged.


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