It is so hard to imagine an Armenian traditional home without national carpets. Since ancient times, they have been considered necessary household items for everyday life. People laid carpets on the floors, chests, seats; they also served as a profitable commodity exported and sold abroad. Due to the archeological excavations it was proved that the carpet weaving in Armenia had appeared in II – I millennium BC. It is also interesting that the ancient technique, design, and colors are very similar to those used in our days. For coloring only natural dyes were used. Ornaments of Armenian carpets are diverse. Great popularity had the ones depicting the tree of life, as well as vegetation geometric carpets with floral decor and images of birds and horses (17 cent.) “An eagle” and “a cross” are the other popular medieval symbols of Armenian national carpets.

Carpets in Armenia were made of wool, silk, cotton, and linen.

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