The rich food history of Armenia is thought to span across more than 1,500 years, with many traditional cooking techniques still influencing the cuisine today. Armenians consume a large quantity of meat. Often it's skewered and cooked over a wood fire or in an underground oven, but deep-fried minced patties, like these cracked wheat and beef burgers, are also popular. Fresh herbs are a key component of Armenian cuisine. Although preferred varieties differ slightly between the country's east and west, mint, tarragon and parsley are used liberally throughout. Pearl barley is another common ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes. Recipes include tarnabour (barley and yoghurt soup), harissa, lavash, khash, a risotto-like chicken stew, and this sweet barley pudding, which features spices, nuts and dried fruits. Lavash - (Armenian bread) is prepared in tonir, a special cylinder made of clay buried in the ground. Armenians everywhere love barbecued meats and vegetables.

Armenian cuisine is as ancient as its history, as the land it is standing on.