Jermuk mineral water is another indigenously Armenian drink. This natural gas water is taken from ancient mountainous sources of Jermuk province; it is sold in glass and plastic containers. Jermuk waters possess healing quality: they are recommended for people, who suffer from gastritis and gastric ulcer, diabetes, diseases of the nervous system and even depression. Chemically, Jermuk mineral waters are identical to those of Karlovy Vary and Zheleznovodsk. Jermuk was first mentioned in writing in 189 AD, when Jermuk fortress was built, with the eponymous town being founded some time later. According to historical records, Jermuk was the summer residence of the Armenian princes of the neighbouring province of Syunik.

Probably many of you have heard that the water in Armenia is considered one of the most delicious in the world. Indeed, the water here is supplied from the pure natural sources and it can be drunk straight from the tap without boiling, without fear for the health.

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