Armenian cuisine includes the foods and cooking techniques of the Armenian people, the Armenian Diaspora and traditional Armenian foods and dishes. The cuisine reflects the history and geography where Armenians have lived as well as incorporating outside influences. Armenian cuisine belongs to the family of Caucasian cuisines. Nowadays Armenian cuisine is known throughout the world and loved, that's why many people abroad influenced by the Armenian Diaspora scattered all over the world learn the techniques of cooking and canning the food. However, what makes the food especially delicious is that it is made with love, which is the main secret in culinary science. Another reason is that, despite the modern advanced technology, Armenians especially in rural areas prefer using a clay furnace called "tonir", which keeps the fragrance of fire in the food, thus making it unique and extremely tasty. 

National Dishes

Harisa – Harisa is one of the most beloved dishes of Armenian cuisine. It is made of cracked wheat and chicken meat, mutton or beef. They are cooked in water and are mixed until they turn into a porridge-like substance.

Khorovats – Khorovats is an Armenian barbecue. It is the most representative dish of Armenian cuisine enjoyed in restaurants, family gatherings, and as fast food in Armenia and by Armenians around the world. A typical khorovats is made of chunks of meat grilled on a shampoor or skewer, although steaks or chops grilled without skewers may be also used.

Khash – Khash is a soup made of cow feet to which garlic, greens and salt are added. Khash is believed to be a food for the poor and is also thought to have a ceremonial meaning. The naming is thought tokhash armenian cuisine come from the Armenian word “khashel” which translated into English means “to scald.”  Khash is usually consumed very early in the morning, and it is either served before the breakfast or comes to replace the breakfast. It is served with garlic, salt and radish and is eaten with lavash and various greens.

Tolma – Delicious, appetizing, delightful… This is how Armenian tolma could be described. This Armenian dish is considered to be one of the pearls of traditional Armenian cuisine. It is usually made of grape or cabbage leaves. Among other must ingredients are ground meat (beef), tolma armenian cuisineonion, rice and various spices (savory, basilic). After all the ingredients are mixed together, they are stuffed into the grape or cabbage leaves and then folded.

Armenian cuisine is quite popular with its traditional bread called lavash. It is flat, thin and soft bread that can be dried and kept for quite a long term. It is the most widespread bread in Armenia and no festive table can be imagined without lavash.

Traditional Drinks in Armenia

Armenia highly appreciates the culture of consumption of traditional drinks. Among the Armenian soft drinks the most popular are local Jermuk mineral waters as well as matsun, an analogue of kefir. The most popular national alcohol drink is cognac made from selected grape varieties, grown in the Ararat Valley. Winston Churchill was known to be a great admirer of the Armenian cognac. Coffee is the natural conclusion of every meal is served with cakes, pastries and cookies.

Armenian cuisine is very old, offers a rich combination of different flavors and aromas.