The most comfortable way to travel to Armenia is by plane.
Zvartnots is a modern international airport, which was recently improved and enhanced with modern technologies. In Soviet times, the airport was considered the largest in the entire Soviet Union. The first thing you see is the airport and Zvartnots can be safely considered a visiting card of Yerevan.
Zvartnots airport is equipped with all amenities and services both in the arrival hall and in the departure halls. There is also a VIP terminal with additional services for extra comfort. The airport serves both local and international flights.
In Armenia, there is another airport in Gyumri. The airport is much smaller and serves only local flights and international flights to Russia.

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At the moment, you can get to Armenia by train only from Georgia. There are two passenger trains from Tbilisi and Batumi. Modern and comfortable trains have all the necessary amenities for passengers. Fans of traveling by train appreciate the romance of the train. Journey on train is all about calming rhythm, the changing landscapes and night talks. What could be better?

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Those who prefer not to depend on the schedules of arrivals and departures, can travel to Armenia by car. This type of transport is mostly chosen by guests from neighboring countries.
In Armenia, border procedures are fairly simple, and you will not have any difficulty travelling to Armenia by car.

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The bus is the most economical way of traveling. In most cases, those are tourist buses following a certain tour about the Caucasus, and have stops in neighboring countries, including Armenia.
Regular transportations to Armenia operate from Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Iran and Turkey. The average price of a ticket from Georgia is 25$, from Iran there are tours by comfortable buses. The ticket price is about 50$. Basically, buses leave from Tehran and Tabriz. Tickets are pre-booked in Iranian travel agencies.
Often guests from Iran travel to Armenia by car, and then take public transport. Thus, tourists get to Armenian border by taxi, then take a taxi from the border to Meghri and finally get to Yerevan by public transport.

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Armenia is a small country and lovers of bicycle tours will easily overcome the trip to Armenia by bicycle. Picturesque landscapes from Iran to Armenia are ideal for bicycle tour. 

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Let's leave trekking tours for studying Armenia. The only thing that we can call “A trip to Armenia on foot“ is the border crossing. Armenia has a visa-free regime for the CIS countries, Ukraine and Georgia. Guests from the United States, Canada, Iran, the EU and other countries get visa on the border of Armenia.

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