Travel to Armenia by Airplane

Armenia has one of the best and modern international airports in the region. Yerevan Airport of ARMENIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS (former Zvartnots Airport) was the most modern airport of the former Soviet Union. However, by that time this airport was designed to serve a limited number of passengers, mainly from the Soviet republics, but not from the other countries. Therefore, after the Armenia's independence the Armenian Government signed a concession contract with a foreign investor of Armenian origin to enlarge and renovate the Yerevan Airport. And now Armenia has a modern and secure International Airport recognized and appreciated by international community and the air companies. Armenia has two major passenger airports in Capital Yerevan and Gyumri city, both administered by the ARMENIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS company. Armenia's main Airport is in 12 km from Capital Yerevan. The Airport has a transit zone and provides permission for visiting the city. 

Airplane is the most convenient and comfortable way to get to Armenia.

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Travel to Armenia by Train

Train goes to Armenia only from Georgia. There are two passenger trains available: Tbilisi - Yerevan for round year. Duration is about 10 hours. Batumi - Yerevan for summer season. It takes about 15 hours. Ticket prices are quite reasonable: starting from some USD 25-30. Conditions and service in the trains do not meet European standards, but pretty acceptable for easy going travelers. The trains are clean and secure.

The one, who decides first to go to Georgia, can easily travel to Armenia by train.

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Travel to Armenia by Car

If you don't have your own car you can rent one or take a car with driver to travel to Armenia. Border procedures are not heavy in Armenia, so you can easily enter to Armenia on your own or rented car. Travel to Armenia by car will be more costly than train or a bus, but it will be much comfortable and also will give you flexibility during the way to Armenia.

It is quite easy to travel to Armenia by car. There are two international entry roads to Armenia from Georgia and one from Iran.

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Travel to Armenia by Bus

Most of big tour buses belong or managed by travel companies. They provide organized tours, transportation and other services for tourist who Visit Caucasus, including travel to Armenia. Regular passenger transportation services between Georgia and Armenia are mainly provided by mini bases and vans - so called "marshrutkas". The minibuses departure / arrival points are the city bus stations. The tickets are not expensive: from Tbilisi - about USD 20-35. Regular bus service is functioning between Iran and Armenia. Theses modern busses start from Tehran or Tabriz. The ticket price is about USD 50-60. Tickets are available in Iranian travel agencies. Another option is to get to the Armenia border by Taxi from Iranian city Jolfa paying some USD 15-20. From the border check point you can take a taxi to the nearest Armenian Meghri city, and from Meghri take a public transportation - mini buses to Yerevan. The way from Meghri to Yerevan is mountainous and will take about 7-9 hours to get to Yerevan.

Every day many big tour buses travel to Armenia from both Georgia and Iran

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Travel to Armenia by Bicycle

Armenia is small and the population is low. While it’s possible to cover the country end-to-end from Georgia to Iran in a week, it’s really worth taking the time to explore the minor routes that lead off the road down to the Iranian border. 

Bicycle travelers can easily travel to Armenia both from Georgia and Iran. There is no obstacle or special procedure if you are traveling on your bicycle.

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Travel to Armenia by Foot

Armenia border passing procedure is not heavy. Usually it takes some 20 minutes. Citizens of USA, Canada, EU, IRAN and many other countries can get Armenia Visa via simple procedure on the Armenian Border: an application and a small payment is required to get the Armenia Tourist Visa. Armenia Visa fee is 3000 AMD, which is less than USD 10. No Visa is required for citizens of CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and others) and Georgia.

Trekking tours lovers can travel to Armenia and enter the country by foot both from Iran and Georgia.

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