Yerevan nights are legendary themselves. Especially during the summer when the entire city is packed with side walk cafes full of people. City center itself looks like a big cafe. The night outs start early around 8 p.m and may continue till early morning. Before hitting first cafe take walk around city center and keep looking for the places you would like to visit. City center is rather small so do not worry about logistics. Anyway if you feel tired just take a cab. For 1,3 euros you will be able to reach anywhere around city center.  

As a tourist, start your gastronomic trip from the cafe called Square 1. Usually famous among tourists this place offers an hand-full of classical American dishes including different sandwiches and burgers.

For less pretentious ones any bar around the area will work, Perhaps keep some energy, at random bar and have cuba libre or mijotto.Then ask bartender the name of the place. If its not called Calumet leave the bar and go to Calumet. Warning: Place is small and smoking inside is allowed. But who cares you are already quite drunk and wouldn't mind a drag yourself. Now you are at Calumet and the good time is somehow guaranteed.

There are many other alike places, like Liberty Pub, Bourbon Street or Stop club. For more upscale clubbing experience you may want to visit Kami, but the atmosphere is not guaranteed and mafia wannabes with strangely make up girls may cause certain discomfort for the foreign eyes.  


From the posh cafes and restaurants to the underground small clubs Yerevan night life offers an exciting experience to the residents and visitors of the capital.