Spring is the time of love and romance. Armenia is so beautiful in spring. The spring months are warm with an average temperature of +6 - +12 oC. In high-altitude areas, the temperature is lower by 5-6 degrees, at night it may be below zero. In March, the highest temperature ever recorded is + 30oC, and the lowest temperature is 13 oC. Since April, the country is already enjoying the warm spring sun. The average temperature is + 20oC, at night the temperature reaches up to +7 oC. The end of May is the most beautiful time of the year. It is pleasant and warm like in summer but not hot yet.

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Summer is an active holiday season in Armenia for trekking tours to mountain regions, paragliding, beach holidays on Lake Sevan and many other interesting things. In June, the average temperature is + 30oC, at night it is +15oC, chance of rain is 49%. July and August are the hottest months in the Ararat valley and in the south of the country. The temperature can reach up to + 40oC. In the highlands at night it is windy. In Yerevan, summer nights are ideal for walking until dawn. In summer, try seasonal fruits, especially the Armenian apricot, the symbol of Armenia.

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If you are lucky to visit Armenia in the autumn, be sure to try all seasonal fruits. The sun of Armenia makes fruits and vegetables so juicy and aromatic that you will never forget the real taste of Armenian peach, grapes and other fruits. In September, you can still smell the summer, the days are still hot and sunny. The average temperature in September is +29 oC. In October, the temperature drops and you can feel autumn winds in the air. It's a great time to visit Armenia and take part in the harvesting and wine festival. In November, the average temperature is +13 oC, in mountainous regions it is several degrees lower.

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Winter in Armenia is diverse: in the highlands winter months are pleasing with heavy snow and bright sun. In the Ararat valley there is little snow, basically the temperature does not drop below -10 oC, humidity is about 78%. The lowest temperature was recorded -30 oC. It may be foggy during winter without the sun for months. The winter months in Armenia are best spent in ski resorts, with heavy snow, bright sun and ideal slopes for skiing. In February, winter still prevails in the Armenian highlands, in the Ararat valley sunny days already dominate.

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