The answer to this question depends exceptionally on the season you have planned your trip.

The climate in Armenia is continental. Despite the small territory, there are several climatic zones in Armenia. In the mountains it is always windy, in the valley it is warm and sunny. Summer months are pretty hot in Armenia. Moreover, in the Ararat valley and the capital the temperature can reach up to + 35 оC. In the mountainous regions it is hot in the daytime, in the evening there can be a cool wind. For summer tour you can choose light summer clothing and something warm for trekking in the mountains.

Winter is quite mild with heavy snow in the mountains. It is perfect for fans of active tourism. For winter trip grab all the warm clothes. The temperature in winter varies from +2 to -10 оC. Spring in Armenia starts early. In March, you can already feel spring in the air. Golden and warm autumn lasts until November. However, spring and autumn months are rainy. Do not forget to grab an umbrella.

Armenia is a European country, young people are stylish and modern. Choose the style of clothes for your comfort like jeans, T-shirts, shorts, hoodies and so on. For shoes, you’d better stick to flat shoes for long walks.

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Armenia is considered one of the oldest countries with a 3,500-year history. It's amazing that in such a small territory there are so many historical monuments. The words "open-air museum" are so true about Armenia.
As the very first country that adopted Christianity, the history of Armenia and most of the historical monuments are associated with religion. However, before Christianity, Armenia had an equally rich culture, as a pagan country. Unfortunately, not much is left from pagan Armenia. One of the most important attractions is the pagan temple of Garni.
On the territory of Armenia, it is simply impossible to count all the ancient monasteries, temples and churches. To learn the history of Armenia, it is worth to visit the largest and most popular monasteries like the Etchmiadzin Cathedral, Tatev Monastery Complex, Geghard Monastery, Khor Virap and others.
From prehistoric monuments it is worth to visit the stones of Karahunj. It is proven that the stone monument is older than the famous Stonehenge. You should definitely visit the caves of Khndzoresk, the caves of Lastiver and Areni. Here are found the traces of cave inhabitants from the Stone Age.
In addition to historical monuments, Armenia is unique in its nature. The country is surrounded by snow-covered mountain ranges. High mountains hide treasures like clean lakes, mountainous rivers, coniferous forests and deep gorges. It is worth to visit the pearl of Armenia, Lake Sevan. In the summer it is a great place to relax. Sevan is the best choice for those who prefer beach holidays to swim and get a sun kissed skin.
For recreation it is worth to visit the resort town of Jermuk, which is famous for its mineral water. In its chemical composition and properties mineral water of Jermuk is identical with the mineral water of Karlovy Vary.
Finally, take a walk around Yerevan. Yerevan will please you with a cozy atmosphere. Despite the fact that it is already 2800 years old, Yerevan is a modern city with fashionable boutiques, luxurious restaurants, shopping centers, clubs and pubs. Everyone will find something interesting in the city.

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If you think that your days in Armenia will be limited with sightseeing tours about historical monuments, you are completely wrong. Armenia has a huge potential for fans of active and extreme recreation.

The ski resort of Tsaghkadzor is a great place for skiing and snowboarding. The slopes of Mount Teghenis are divided into levels of complexity and are perfect for both beginners and professionals.

A new and quite popular type of active recreation is paragliding. Mountain landscapes and a temperate mountain wind are perfect for flying.

And finally, climbers will be happy to conquer the mountain ranges of Armenia, and try their strength in rocky canyons.

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One of the most exciting moments of the trip is shopping. On the question "what gift to bring from Armenia" you will have to fill out a whole list. There are so many interesting things here to buy. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind are the symbols of Armenia: a photo of Mount Ararat, pomegranate and apricot.
The best place to buy unique souvenirs on Armenian motifs is Vernissage. This is a huge bazaar with the greatest variety of handmade souvenirs, silver and golden jewelry, wooden, metal and ceramic crafts, national clothes, carpets, musical instruments, paintings, souvenirs from obsidian and much more. Of course, do not forget to buy real Armenian cognac and dried fruits. High-quality cognac can be tasted at the Yerevan Brandy Factory.

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Armenians are very friendly people. Guests are always welcome in Armenia. Even if there is a language barrier you will feel absolutely comfortable in Armenia. Don’t shy away to ask something on the street. There will always be someone to help you out. Locals communicate freely in Russian, younger generation speaks English as well. The language barrier can only be in the villages, but there will still be someone to help you. After all, there is always a sign language to communicate.

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The Internet is available throughout the country, and only in remote areas with no network coverage, there can be temporary loss of communication. In the capital, almost all public places have a free open Wi-Fi hotspot.
Armenian mobile operators Vivacell MTS, Ucom and Beeline provide 4G and 3G network services, as well as menus in English and Russian for accessibility. For convenience, you can purchase a SIM card to access the Internet on your device.

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For calls to fixed numbers in Armenia, dial 00 (international) + 374 (code for Armenia) + city code + 6-digit number. For calls to fixed numbers in Yerevan dial: 00 + 374 + 10 (Yerevan code) + 6-digit number. For calls to mobile numbers in Armenia dial: 00 + 374 + operator code + 6-digit number.

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For calls in Armenia to local numbers from a mobile phone dial: 0 + city code + 6-digit number. For calls to Armenian mobile numbers, dial: 0 + operator code + 6-digit number. To call in Yerevan from a fixed number to another fixed number, simply dial the 6-digit number.

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Local post offices provide currency exchange services, local and international phone calls, communal payments and have postcards and stamps for sale. You can also send and receive letters and parcels. The main branch is located on the Republic Square, other branches are located throughout Yerevan. Several express mail services operate in Yerevan, including UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT Express Worldwide.

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The time zone in Armenia is GMT + 4.
*Daylight saving time is not applied in Armenia.

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The official currency in Armenia is the Armenian dram (AMD). There are available coins of denominations of 10, 50, 100, 200, 500 drams and bank notes of 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 drams in circulation. In Armenia, all services are provided in local currency. In exchange offices, you can exchange USD, Eur, RUB, GEL and GBP. Currency exchange offices are located in all supermarkets. Throughout the country there are ATM terminals for cash withdrawal. Please make sure that the terminal is servicing your card. There is also a service of money transfer by MoneyGram, Unistream, Western Union and others.

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