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Tufenkian Avan Dzoraget Hotel

Lori Region, 1718 Dzoraget, RA

A medieval castle by the river

Situated 160 km north from Yerevan, the Avan Dzoraget hotel is located midway between the capitals of Armenia and Georgia. Although it was built in 2004 (main building), Tufenkian's Avan Dzoraget hotel is designed to evoke the historical romance and excitement associated with medieval Armenian castles. The exterior is made of basalt stone and Armenian culture permeates through the hotel; from the courtyard's sculpture of Taurus whose legs and sides are adorned with images from Armenian folktales to the pre-medieval Armenian script decorating the walls around the lobby to the arched doorways throughout the property. 

Avan Dzoraget Hotel sits along the Debed River, nestled among the forest-covered hills and rocky slope of Caucasus Mountains. When not exploring the landscape, touring monasteries and monuments in the area, fishing or visiting the nearby villages, guests at Avan Dzoraget enjoy the views and serenity of the Debed River, as well as the hospitality and comfort Armenia is known for.  

Avan Dzoraget Restaurant features a bar and lounge area and guests have the option to dine in the opulent atmosphere of the restaurant or on the open terrace overlooking the Debed River. Exceptional Armenian and Georgian cuisine served at the restaurantmakes for a truly authentic and inventive dining experience.




At the Avan Dzoraget Restaurant guests have the option to dine in the opulent atmosphere of the restaurant or on the open terrace overlooking the Debed River. Avan Dzoraget is known for its secluded and quiet location, stylish traditional design, fine cuisine and relaxing ambiance. The hotel's restaurant features traditional Armenian and Georgian dishes. Aside from Georgian dishes like chakhokhbili (chicken with onions and tomatoes) or mashed red beans, the restaurant specializes in fusion cuisine, enhancing Armenian classics with Georgian flavors like garlic and walnuts. After dinner, guests can enjoy cocktails and relax in the adjacent bar/lounge.


Avan Dzoraget Hotel has 34 rooms in the main building with 26 guest rooms, 6 Suites and 2 Presidential Suites; and 20 rooms in the new building (opened April 2011) with Junior and Tower suites and elegant Duplexes. Spacious lounge areas and bedrooms offer stylish and luxurious accommodation with handcrafted décor and finest amenities. Room furnishings include bedside tables and desks crafted from iron and local basalt. Walnut cupboards and walk-in closets are provided with wrought-iron handmade clothes hangers. Beds feature wrought-iron headboards, king Sealy Crown Jewel mattresses and wool duvets. Basalt and wood floors throughout the hotel are adorned with world renowned, hand-woven Tufenkian carpets, providing guests with an exceptional level of comfort and elegance. Spacious guest room bathrooms are made of basalt and feature shower stalls with glass enclosures.


Conference Halls and events

The conference halls and meeting rooms are equipped with the presentation and communication tools your business relies on. From the moment an inquiry is made, the Sales staff works closely with the client, providing detailed information and organizing site visits to help them visualize their event. Imperial Palace Hotel cater to all the particular needs of your corporate events. 

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